AOR Season 16 XB1 Oceania Race 1 – Review

Apex Online Racing’s Hype Energy F1 Oceania Leagues went underway last weekend. They were certainly action packed too! So many drivers, so many tiers, and so little time to talk about them. Let’s kick things off covering the top Oceania XB1 Tier, which saw plenty of crashes, plenty of overtakes and plenty of Esports action!

As per usual with AOR we got underway with the now (F1 2018 Game adjustment) extended 18 minute qualifying session, and the first driver to lay down the gauntlet was DLG Gamble in the Orange McLaren with a 1.21.177 on Ultras, however once the big-boys came out to play, the lap times started tumbling with xDRCJaredx, Tiametmarduk and RoscoArm, going faster, the fastest lap time now set by the Mercedes of DRCJared with a 1.20.099 on Ultras

As the session wore on and the track rubbered in the lap times once again started to fall with NzL Ryan, Aitcho and vFendz all setting faster laptimes, with the Ferrari’s wanting to go on a final run in the dying seconds of the session, Tiametmarduk was only just beaten by the timer and was unable to improve on his 1.20.180, but one person who did improve was DRC Jared who extended his gap between 1st and 2nd, by putting in a 1.19.580 on the Purple-walled Ultras, during those final runs, the other Mercedes of Dominator was able to put his silver arrows on the front row on Supers, but also out on track at that time, and the Ferrari who did managed to beat the buzzer was NzL Ryan who parked his red Ferrari on the front row, splitting the Mercedes. Sitting as best of the rest were the Williams pairing of GREEKMASTER and vFendz looking to make any gains if the front 4 were to slip up

As the lights went green, the drivers got underway, and a better start and better placed car at Turn 1, saw the reigning Oceania Champion NzL Ryan take the lead from DRCJared, as they headed into turn 3 with every driver squabbling for space and an overtaking opportunity, unfortunately one driver who didnt make it to turn 3 was Pencil man, who appeared to lose a wheel through either contact with another driver, or contact with the wall after a spin, meanwhile down at turn 3, Dominator had run wide at the exit and dropped back to the midfield, it seemed as though everyone would start to calm down after the first few danger zones had past, but this is F1, and F1 can be quite unpredictable, as the leaders exited Turn 7 and onto turn 8, DRCJared appeared to run into the back of the Ferrari of NzL Ryan, (whether or not lag was involved its completely up to you) which then forced the other Ferrari of Tiametmarduk to take avoiding action, but by then it was too late, contact was made, and with another 12 cars going full pace there were bound to be accidents, as both Tiametmarduk and vFendz met their end at Turn 8 in a bottleneck pileup, which saw many others lose pieces of endplates including NzL Ryan and PresidentCosby, as all the drivers adrenaline must’ve been pumping through the roof, yet more contact happened on the exit of Turn 10, as yet another bottleneck caused by drivers trying to let others through due to illegal overtakes, unfortunately ThatLaggyPerson also joined Tiametmarduk and vFendz on the sidelines as his race ended too. NzL Ryan dropped to the back of the running field due to being spun around, and somehow the podium was now GREEKMASTER, RoscoArm and DLG Gamble! and after starting at the back of the grid, BrockDoesStuff found himself in P5, with both the Force India’s of Warden and Masterberzerk following closely behind

Once all the chaos and carnage had subsided the racing got back into normal routine, as there seemed to be a battle brewing at the back of the field between neontreedome, DLG Gamble, NzL Ryan and DRCJared, with most of the front runners bridging between 3-5 second gaps between each other, a lap later NzL Ryan showed why he is still the reigning champion as he made a double overtake into Turn 13, first slipping past neontreedome, then using the momentum he carried onto DLG Gamble, whom he swiftly disposed off and into clean air on his fresh Softs. Later on in Lap 6 it appeared that both the McLaren of DLG Gamble and the Red Bull of neontreedome had an unexpected coming together at Turn 3 resulting in both cars making a swift trip to the gravel trap, but both getting away and back on track under their own power, a lap later it appeared that DLG Gamble’s day went from bad to worse as he took a Timo Glock spin out of Turn 12, thankfully the McLaren didn’t hit any wall and he was able to go racing again, though this time with some rather toasty Supers

Meanwhile at the front GREEKMASTER appeared to be running away with the lead, extending his gap from 3 seconds to 7 seconds on Dominator, but the focus was shifted back to the battling trio of Masterberzerk, Aitcho and RoscoArm, heading into Turn 9, it appeared that Masterberzerk out-braked himself and subsequently ran wide over the grass, gifting P6 and 7 to both the Red Bull and Haas drivers. A pair that just couldn’t be separated though was NzL Ryan and DRCJared, who continued their battling just behind the aforementioned trio, but the Mercedes just couldn’t find a way past NzL Ryan as they continued their charge back up the field and into the high points paying positions

The field was reduced to just 12 cars as neontreedome crashed his Red Bull somewhere around the track, ripping off the wheel and joining the other 4 drivers in the pitlane, thankfully a Safety Car wasn’t brought out and the racing was uninterrupted, as NzL Ryan had already taken care of both the Force India’s he set his sights on the remaining Red Bull of Aitcho, and that p5 position, he was able to get a better run out of Turn 2, and set himself up for an overtake around the outside at turn 3, which was executed perfectly, but not to be outdone, Warden decided to join the action, though this time try it at the terrible turn 4, the Force India and Red Bull appeared to be glued together as they went side-by-side through T4, 5 and 6, before Aitcho was able to hold onto P6 through having the racing line through turn 7 and 8, Warden wasnt one to give up so easily tho, as he set himself up for an overtake into the fast chicane of Turns 11 and 12 and stayed side by side with the Red Bull before finally giving up the position, once again due to Aitcho placing his car well on the racing line and cutting off any means of an overtake

Back at the front Dominator seemed to be closing the gap ever so slowly to GREEKMASTER, as by lap 25 the gap had dropped down to 1 second, during that lap NzL Ryan made his way back up to the podium spots by executing the same move he did to Aitcho and overtake BrockDoesStuff around the outside at Turn 3, however the reigning champ had a time penalty, so if BrockDoesStuff could stay within just a few seconds of the charging Ferrari, he would have his Podium back

Coming onto the last lap and the gap between the leaders was down to just 6tenths, unfortunately Dominator ran wide at the exit of Turn 4 and nabbed himself a 3 second time penalty, compared to GREEKMASTER whom had no penalties to his name, it looked as though the Mercedes had given up the fight for P1 and settled in for a P2 finish, but it appears he had a change of mind heading into Sector 3, as he put the hammer down and charged back again at the Williams, the pair running side by side through the penultimate and final turn, with Dominator crossing the line ahead of GREEKMASTER by just 0.00.020 seconds, but due to his penalty he dropped back to P2, damn track limits ruining our fun races, NzL Ryan crossed the line in P3, but also due to his penalties he dropped to P4 and BrockDoesStuff had done enough to stay within the gap, and take his first podium in AOR Oceania Tier 1, QuickSilva who appeared to have a comfortable and quiet run to a P5 finish for himself, Aitcho claimed P6, followed by both Force India’s of Warden and Masterberzerk, however splitting the Pink Panthers was RoscoArm in the Haas, with PresidentCosby taking the final point of the race, DRCJared finished a lap down in P11 and DLG Gamble rounded out the finishing drivers, those drivers who didn’t make it to the end were neontreedome, ThatLaggyPerson, Tiametmarduk, vFendz and Pencil man

If this race is anything to go by then the Oceania Tier should be unpredictable throughout the 21 race season

You can watch Round 2 of Oceania XB1 Tier 1 live on Apex Online Racing’s YouTube channel , live at 11am GMT this Sunday, as the F1 Circus shifts to the dusty deserts of Bahrain at the Sakhir International Circuit.

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