AOR Weekly Recap #2 & #3

Hi and welcome to the second (and third) AOR Weekly Recap! You may have noticed this entry is late, my apologies for that. My laptop is having some problems (RIP) so I was unable to publish it on time, as it was originally intended. Technology is great, but it can let you down when you least expect it – always backup your files kids!

Anyway, this week will be a two for one recap as we’ve got the usual races to cover, a new way for the AOR community to share their in-game photos, DiRT 4 Rally League results, and some other bits to cover. So let’s get this recap out of the way, and hope that nothing else prevents me from posting the next one on time.


AOR Community Gallery
Photomode – a built-in feature in video games that allows the players to capture their own photos – has been growing in popularity in recent years. So much so that is now a standard feature in most titles. Racing games are no exception, and they have a history with photomode long before the rise of social media platforms. The very first racing game to do more than just “screenshots” and have it’s own dedicated photomode, was Gran Turismo 4 for the PlayStation 2 in 2005. Featuring dedicated locations around the world, where the player could place any of the 700+ cars, take action shots during replays with a vast array of fixed camera placements and generous free movement, this feature included realistic camera settings (such as shutter speeds and aperture) which allowed players to produce some incredible photos.



This feature has evolved thought the years and was implemented in each new iteration of the series. Eventually, other games picked up and developed their own photomode. Now it seems to be the norm as most racing games have their own dedicated photomode feature. Therefore, AOR has come up with a new way for you to share your own in-game photos with the rest of the AOR community – AOR Community Gallery.


Click the image above, and it will take you directly to the dedicated forum thread where you can share your own shots in the forums, or on social media by using the hashtag #AORPICS – it might get featured in one of our social media channels or entered in future competitions!


Races for the period of 11th – 24th November

F1 2018 (PC/PS4/XB1)
AOR Hype Energy F1 Season 16: Round 5 & 6

Sunday the 11th of November, the 5th round of the season took place at the Catalunya Circuit for the Spanish Grand Prix. While on the 18th of November, the 6th round of the season took place at the Circuit de Monaco for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Head over to our YouTube channel to catch all the archived streams and highlights. Alternatively, check our NEWS section for written race reports.



iRacing (PC)

GTE League: Round 9 & 10

On Monday the 12th of November, the 9th round of the season took place at the Imola Circuit. While on the 19th, round 10 took place at Sebring.


Formula Renault 2.0: round 10 & 11

On Friday the 16th of November, the 10th round of the season took place at the Belle Isle Circuit. While on the 17th, round 10 took place at Sebring.

Project CARS 2 (PC/PS4/XB1)

GT3 League: round 6 & 7

On Wednesday the 14th of November, the 6th round of the season took place in the fictional Sakitto GP Circuit. While on the 19th, round 10 took place at Sebring.


Endurance League: round 8

On Thursday the 22th of November, the 8th round of the season took place at the Circuit de la Sarthe for their Le Mans round.

rFactor2 (PC)

AOR rFactor2 F1 – Season 2: Round 5 & 6

On Wednesday the 17th of November, the 5th round of the season took place in the Circuit de Monaco for the Monaco round. While on the 24th, round 6 took place at Hockenheimring for the Germany round.



DiRT4 (PC/PS4/XB1) – AOR DiRT4 Rally League
The DiRT 4 Rally League has concluded, and the results are in – check the final standings bellow.


Gran Turismo Sport (PS4) – Xmas Cup

The official calender for AOR GT Sport Xmas Cup has been released. The cup is set to start on the 15th of December – click the image bellow to check all the details in the forums.




Fernando Moutinho – AOR Community Manager :: @FernandoM76


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