Apex Online Racing Acquires Forza Based League – Online Racing League

On the 3rd of March 2019, Apex Online Racing acquired Online Racing League, in an effort to create a higher level of Forza Motorsport leagues and Esports competitions.

Whilst AOR has always had Forza Motorsport leagues to offer. We want to continue to ensure that all leagues receive the same dedication as our flagship F1 leagues. Bringing the ORL team onboard is an important part of ensuring we have the team behind our future Forza Motorsport leagues and tournaments which will see LAN events appearing too.

Neil Foskett, AOR Forza Overseerer, has this to say:

“Today is an exciting day. Online Racing League (ORL) has been providing the Forza esports/sim racing community with professional and consistent leagues, over the past 3 years. Today ORL becomes apart of the Apex Online Racing (AOR) family. The ORL Forza leagues will now take place on AOR and become part of the AOR family. But with the same ORL faces, who will become AOR staff and continue to bring you the same quality leagues. We have some very exciting plans for Forza and with us becoming part of the AOR team, we will ensure we have the best drivers take part in our upcoming tournaments/leagues/races. We are committed to providing the Forza Community with the fast, clean and competitive online racing, to all skill levels. We hope that the Community helps support us during the transition that we hope will be as quick and as straight forward as possible.”

Neil Foskett, AOR Forza Overseerer

This joint venture will ensure that Forza Motorsport is represented on AOR in the best possible way. We are committed to providing the community with high quality leagues, whilst constantly looking to add to our existing leagues too. This is the first step in unleashing new leagues and ensuring we continue to maintain a high standard across them all. We will be re-adding Assetto Corsa (and adding ACC too) back to our weekly races soon too, but we’ll announce more about that and the team behind it nearer to the time.

Knut Martinsen, AOR Co-founder & League Admin adds:

“It’s very exciting to get the awesome ORL team to be apart of the AOR team. Forza is a game we have a long history with in AOR, and we’re super excited to be giving Forza the spotlight it deserves on AOR, with Neil and his team at the helm. Just like the many other top titles that AOR is renowned for covering. AOR is committed to helping the community grow and reach professional esports levels if they desire, while at the same time catering for drivers of all abilities. So, this is a big and important step towards bringing the leagues to an even higher standard. I look forward to seeing the AOR and ORL communities come together for some great Forza racing!”

Knut Martinsen, AOR Co-founder & League Admin

Works on the first Forza Motorsport league are already underway, as well as another separate joint venture with other partners to bring more diverse leagues into AOR. We will announce it soon when it’s ready.

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