Apex Online Racing – Weekly Recap #1

Hi everyone, I’m Fernando – AOR Community Manager – and this is the first ever AOR Weekly! A feature where we highlight recent race events, what has been happening in our community, and so much more! As this is the first entry, there may be some things missing. So please bear with me as there there will be a lot for you to digest, and for me to cover! Keep in mind that we are looking to further expand and improve this feature, and with the help from the AOR community, make it the best it can possibly be!


This week we showed you a little teaser of our official AOR merchandise, which will feature AOR branded hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, caps, woolie hats, coffee mugs, and much more! Unfortunately we can’t tell you just yet when the shop will open, as we are still working with our partners to bring these items to you as quickly as possible. Keep your eyes on our Twitter so that you don’t miss out as soon as it goes live!


Races this week (4th – 10th November)

F1 2018 (PC/PS4/XB1)
This week started with a bang, as AOR Hype Energy F1 Season 16 returned from its break for round 4 to tackle Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan. Drivers from all leagues were itching to get back to their seats, and get racing once again – watch the highlights below.



Along with round 4, we tested a new “Driver Of The Day” feature, which allows the community to vote for their favorite driver from each race. It had a soft launch on round 4, as we’re still working and developing the tools necessary behind the scenes – hopefully it will be fully implemented soon.



iRacing (PC)

GTE League
Due to schedule clashes and availability, we had been unable to broadcast the first rounds of iRacing’s GTE League. This week however, we were thrilled to have it in our broadcast schedule for round 8 of the season at Interlagos. We’ll be broadcasting the remainder of the season too, so keep an eye on our Twitter so you don’t miss out when the next race goes live! Watch the previous race below:

Formula Renault 2.0

This past Friday (November 9th) was the ninth round of season 11 for Formula Renault 2.0 which took place in Circuit Zandvoort.

Project CARS 2 (PC/PS4/XB1)

GT3 League

This past Wednesday (November 7th) was the fifth round of season 11 for GT3 which took place in Dubai International Circuit.


Endurance League

This past Thursday (November 8th) was the seventh round of the season for the Endurance League, a two hour long race which took place at the Indianapolis Road Course.



DiRT4 (PC/PS4/XB1) – Cross Discipline Series
Recently our friends over at Codemasters announced their new title – DiRT Rally 2.0! As is natural, our events tend to stay in the latest iteration of the game to provide fair and competitive racing. However, before we move things into DiRT Rally 2.0, AOR DiRT 4 coordinators have something special planned for DiRT 4. A cross discipline championship that will feature all the disciplines and favorite cars from the community. Click the image below for the sign-up thread and all the relevant information!


Gran Turismo Sport (PS4) – Xmas Cup

Our GT Sport coordinating team is organizing a very special Christmas inspired Cup, featuring multiple vehicle classes and a variety of tracks. Click the image below for all the information and sign-up.



Rocket League (PC/PS4/XB1) – Rocket League Championship 2018

After a long hiatus, AOR is proud to bring back Rocket League! And to make sure you don’t miss the action, the plan is to broadcast as many of the matches as possible with commentary on our YouTube channel. Click the image below for all the relevant information and sign-ups.


Fernando Moutinho – AOR Community Manager :: @FernandoM76

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