The 2019 Playseat® SMS-R Series

Powered by Events House & Apex Online Racing

The 2019 Playseat® SMS-R Series, Powered By Events House & Apex Online Racing is the relaunch of the highly popular championship on Project CARS 2. It features a multi-class format with invited Pro teams in AMG GT3 cars competing against a 'Challenger Class' in the AMG A45 Touring Car. With $20,000 up for grabs and a global audience, this championship is amongst the most popular in sim-racing. Use this page to register for the Challenger Class.

About The Series

The Road to the Final

The championship launched at Autosport International in January this year with a hotlap format, and we will next head into a series of online time trial qualifiers for the Challenger Class. Successful drivers in the time trials will have a shootout race to determine the 10 best challengers to take on the Pros in the main championship. Then we'll have a month of gruelling endurance races, with the 8 best Challengers and top 4 Pro teams being invited to a LAN final in the UK

The Final

After 9 weeks of racing, the championship will head to a secret location in the United Kingdom for a LAN final. With the top 8 Challenger drivers and top 4 Pro teams, the competition is going to be fierce. The Pro drivers will use F1 Style Playseat cockpits, and the Challengers in Playseat Sensations, the visual difference in categories alongside the virtual race will be a great chance to introduce new members of the public to the world of Esports and the benefits it can bring.

SMS-R Series Dates

Be sure to check the key dates below!

Championship Launch

9th January 2019

Online Qualification & Races

11th February 2019 - 25th April 2019

Live Final

9th May 2019

SMS-R Series Sign Up

You've read all of the details, now it's time to get signed up! You've got to be in it to win it. Follow our 1-2-3 guide below to get involved!

  1. Create your account using our simple sign up process, below.
  2. This tournament is on PC only. Please do not register your details if you play on PS4 or Xbox One.
  3. Load Project CARS 2 and head to 'Community Events' when one of the qualifying rounds is live to set your time.